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For corporates, industrials, research and ecosystem organizations.

Our impact

Together, let’s accelerate the successful deployment of climate tech solutions to support your transition and strategically optimize your economic and environmental impact.

Also working with research and ecosystem organizations to help identify, de-risk, accelerate, finance and scale emerging technologies and start-ups to support market needs.

Start-ups qualified on our exclusive climate tech platform.
Climate tech sub-sectors tracked.
Start-ups accelerated through our programs.
Customers have trusted Cycle Momentum since 2021.

What we offer

Through our unique positioning, we actively leverage the local and international climate tech ecosystems to enable the game-changing synergies required to de-risk and accelerate your projects.

We foster and accelerate successful collaborations between large companies and climate tech start-ups to scale the innovations required for a sustainable transition:

Customized programs to solve real business issues
At Cycle Momentum, we design programs to meet your specific needs, maximize your strategic opportunities and find solutions that will reduce both your risks and environmental impact.
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6 international corporate programs completed.
Industry-leading customers in areas such as Agtech, Biofuels, Watertech, Bioeconomy, Sustainable packaging and Circular economy.
Several collaborations and partnerships resulting from these programs.
Technology scouting, start-up recruitment, selection and acceleration
Working with Cycle Momentum means having access to a wide range of technologies and start-ups, enabling us to find the optimal solutions to your need.
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A process powered by our exclusive climate tech platform.
Thousands of climate tech start-ups and technologies evaluated.
A network of over 50 mentors and sector experts.
20+ acceleration programs delivered since 2015, supporting 119 start-ups.
Optimal climate tech discovery and Market Intelligence
Accelerate your knowledge and learnings, expand your network, and develop strategic relationships through:
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Market intelligence reports by climate tech sub-sectors.
Access to the climate tech ecosystem through demo days and exclusive conferences.
Leverage the extensive climate tech expertise from the Cycle platform and teams.

Ecosystem partners

They trust Cycle Momentum for their projects.

Benefits for our partners

What you gain from collaborating with Cycle Momentum.

Customized programs to solve real business issues
  • Identify the best emerging technologies to accelerate your transition.
  • De-risk your solutions and develop your suppliers of tomorrow.
  • Reduce time from concept to market.
  • Create new business segments and opportunities.
  • Become a strategic investor in emerging sectors.
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Technology scouting, start-up recruitment, selection and acceleration
  • Save time and resources with a proven approach delivering results.
  • Gain expert knowledge in a strategic sector.
  • Leverage lessons learned to de-risk and reduce the cost of your projects.
Optimal climate tech discovery and Market Intelligence
  • Save time in building the network you need.
  • Gain unique insights to support your business needs.
  • Join the most complete global climate tech community, regrouping an international collective of entrepreneurs, investors and leading companies.


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Case Studies

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Our range of services facilitates collaboration between industry partners and the cleantech start-up ecosystem, aiming to discover sustainable solutions and drive impactful change.


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What are the different phases of a typical program?
There is no such thing as a typical innovation program since they are tailored to your specific needs. Our approach and offering is modular and flexible, so we can focus on the phases that create the most value for your organization. Here are the most frequent phases in a complete innovation program: If you are looking to identify specific solutions and technologies to reduce your carbon footprint in a specific field like renewables energy, urban tech, agtech, green chemistry, industry 4.0 and watertech, we can support you from project design and planning, to scope definition and validation, to technology scouting and start-up evaluation and selection, all the way to start-up acceleration and paving the way to a successful collaboration, business proposal and technology integration.
What are the benefits from such programs for a corporate or industrial company?
The benefits to our customers are multiple and range from:

- Greater velocity in commercialization of innovations
- In-depth business intelligence on innovations in key sectors
- Pollination of the entrepreneurial and innovation culture
- Value creation: additional revenues and investments in emerging innovations
- Accelerate implementation of technologies to reduce GHGs
- Creating a Strategic Investor Practice (CVC)

For more details, please open the link to the case studies.
What process is used to identify and recruit the most promising emerging technologies and start-ups to support the customers and program needs?
We rely on our exclusive climate tech plateform that is enriched in a continuous basis and currently includes over 7,000 international start-ups. These start-ups can be analyzed accros the nearly 50 different sub-sectors and data points to quickly identify potential technologies. Our analyst will then review and qualify the most promising technologies to address the customer’s need and contact the entrepreneurs of these start-ups. In the case of a open innovation challenge and if requested by the customer, we will also launch a public call for applications on the various Cycle Momentum social media and communication platforms and accross our global climate tech ecosystem partners. Received applications are then reviewed, analyzed and evaluated with the support of a pre-selection and selection committe composed by experts.
Can we request ad-hoc support for specific Market intelligence reports or expert support?
Yes, depending ofyour specific needs, we can define a tailored offering that is customized for you. We invite you to contact us for a discussion about your needs.

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