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Through the Circle of Partner Funds, Cycle Momentum is strengthening investor participation in the climate tech ecosystem.

Join the Momentum and invest with us in the visionaries shaping the future of the global climate tech ecosystem.

Members of the Circle of Partners Funds
+ $450 M
Capital Raised
Survival Rate

What we offer

Our pipeline of companies is diversified across Green Chemistry, Agtech, Foodtech, Industry 4.0, Urban Tech, Clean Energy, and Water Tech. Our scouting teams carefully select high-potential companies, and our track record proves it.

+ $450 M
Capital Raised
Survival rate

Join Cycle Momentum and connect to our alumni network from Quebec and beyond, to build a global ecosystem in climate tech.

By joining us, you tap into a powerful network of investors.

Circle of Partners Funds
The Circle of Partner Funds includes over 55 members that invest in innovative climate tech, and together represent over $3.5B in capital.
Join us
Obtain priority access to start-ups with high growth and impact potential.
Network with investors with a shared focus on climate tech.
Invitation to private events and market intelligence.
Origo is an investment matching program for climate tech companies at pre-seed and seed stage in Quebec.
Discover Origo
Increase deal flow, attracting more investments to the ecosystem.
Promote co-investment and collaboration between private, corporate and institutional investors.
Reduce risks inherent to investments at the pre-seed and seed stage.

Circle of Partner Funds

The Circle of Partner Funds helps to increase investor participation in clean technology and to stimulate investment in innovative technology companies and entrepreneurship in this sector.

Benefits for investors

Benefits for investors in the Circle of Partner Funds.

Access to high quality climate tech investments.
We track our alumni and connect you to the right start-ups for your thesis, at the right time.
Valuable network of aligned investors.
We strive for the same goal, to invest in the entrepreneurs creating impactful climate technologies.
Top-tier market intelligence and trend analysis.
Refine your investment thesis and understand how trends affect your portfolio.
Share your leadership.
Opportunities to engage through conferences, pitch events and coaching or mentoring.


Our analysts and scouting teams have the expertise to create customized programs to fit your specific needs.


You have questions, we have answers. Let’s discuss.

How can I join the Circle of Partner Funds?
Thanks for your interest! Apply to join through this link and you will be invited to an introductory call with Cycle Momentum.
What type of investors join the Circle of Partner Funds?
Investors in the Circle of Partner Funds include VCs, corporate VCs, family offices and institutional investors. They invest at different stages, from pre-seed through early stage to growth stage. The majority are from outside of Quebec and include investors from the rest of Canada, from the US and global organizations. They represent a wide range of investment thesis, both generalists and specialists. They are united by the desire to invest in climate tech.
Can I join if I am not based in Quebec?
Investors with an interest in backing Quebec companies are welcome, from all regions. The majority of members of the Circle of Partner Funds are from outside of Quebec, and are attracted by the calibre of companies and the support offered to them by the Quebec ecosystem.

Quarterly Updates

Keep up to date with the latest news from the Cycle Momentum ecosystem with our quarterly updates.