Joining forces to propel innovation in climate technologies

A pre-seed and seed investment matching program for climate tech in Quebec.

Why Origo?

The Origo program is an investment matching program that supports entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions, by stimulating financing at the pre-seed and seed stages.

It catalyzes the impact ecosystem for climate tech companies building technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, or provide other environmental benefits.

Nurturing early growth
Investment matching program for pre-seed and seed stage
Exploring the potential
10 investments of 150,000 per year with potential for follow-on
Amplifying Investments
Investments will be matched by the Circle of Partner Funds

Explore the benefits

Benefits for entrepreneurs and investors.

For entrepreneurs

  • Increase funding opportunities at a crucial stage in your start-up’s development.
  • Gain access to private and international investors facilitating the deployment of your solutions in new markets.
  • Enhance the chances of follow-on investment and private and institutional support around your company.
  • Obtain access to a well-established network of customers and partners.
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For investors

  • Obtain priority access to high-potential and impactful startups.
  • Promote co-investment and collaboration between private, institutional, and corporate investors.
  • Reduce risks associated with pre-seed and seed stage investments.
  • Increase potential deal flow, attracting more investments into the ecosystem.
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Investment criteria

Investments are made by a dedicated team at Cycle Momentum, with an investment committee from the ecosystem.

Pre-seed or seed stage company in Quebec.
Technology with high potential for impact on climate change.
Represent an innovative technology typically at technology readiness level 4-6.
Optional: Has completed a relevant acceleration program such as Cycle Momentum.

Our Investment portfolio

With the Origo program, Cycle Momentum supports emerging startups at the starting point of their financing process.

Uniting efforts for sustainable change together.

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You have questions, we have answers.

What type of startups does the Origo program target?
The Origo program invests in pre-seed and seed stage climate tech startups climatetech startups based in Quebec. We are early-stage specialists that partner with founders to turn their great ideas into impact-driven companies.
How can entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the Origo program?
We love hearing from entrepreneurs to see if we can collaborate on climatetech solutions. Our team review all pitches on a weekly basis. Shortlisted startups are invited on a call. To apply for funding, here is a link to our form.
How does the Origo program promote collaboration among investors?
Origo is a program of Cycle Momentum, a leading climate tech accelerator. Over 40+ climate tech and impact investors have joined Cycle Momentum's Circle of Partner Funds, from across Canada and beyond, to support the climate tech ecosystem and for access to Quebec deal flow. The Origo program is an investment matching program that promotes access to financing for high potential climate tech startups by investing directly and through co-investments from Circle of Partner Funds investors.
How does investment matching work for investors and for entrepreneurs?
The Origo program can lead, co-lead or follow investments with Circle of Partner Funds members. For investors, this model facilitates investing at the pre-seed and seed stages through collaboration with co-investors. For entrepreneurs, it enables them to bring a high calibre of investors to their cap table with a streamlined process.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about this program, you can contact us here!

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