Scaling impactful innovation in clean technology requires leadership and collaboration. With a shared desire to see tomorrow’s companies grow today and with the goal of making a greater impact on society, the members of the innovative Cycle Capital family – Cycle Capital Investment, Cycle Momentum, and Cycle Central – have decided to more clearly express their collaboration and history by unveiling a unique brand image:

Since Cycle Capital’s inception in 2009, our team has been actively contributing to the development of a fostering ecosystem for clean technology. As we enter an era of economic decarbonization and inclusivity, the time has come to affirm our beliefs through a new brand image that demonstrates our organizations’ shared approach. We continue to convene even more partners to collaborate with us in scaling a green economy that addresses humanity’s most important ecological challenges.

The launch of this new brand energizes the entire team and launches a new chapter for the growth and impact of our business that is aligned with the next phase of development of our international impact investing platform and global cleantech innovation engine.

Andrée-Lise, Patrick, Catherine