Happened during the Climate Solutions Festival on June 18th, 2024, Cycle Momentum’s Green Light event shone a spotlight on the remarkable innovations developed by the startups from the 2024 Winter and Spring cohorts from our Decarbonizing Industries and Supercohort Acceleration programs. Eleven forward-thinking entrepreneurs took center stage to present to an audience of over 100 people composed of leading investors, industry leaders and ecosystem actors, the technologies of the future powered by promising companies. 

Mariia Zhuldybina, Co-founder and CEO of TRAQC

Spotlight on Climate Tech Innovators

Marking the culmination of the start-ups’ journey through our training programs, the Green Light event is a testament to their ingenuity and dedication to tackle climate change. From reconditioned EV batteries to revolutionary humidity control systems, these innovations are set to reshape industries and drive sustainable growth.

Shoutout to Start-ups from Our Programs

Supercohort program

Bopaq: Bopaq designs and implements reusable packaging solutions for food service providers. Their app tracks reusable containers and provides end-to-end distribution, washing, and sanitization services to facilitate their use.

Interius Farms: Proprietary vertical technology helps greenhouse producers optimize space, streamline production, and reduce environmental impact.

Muclitech: Smart humidity control equipment precisely replicates natural climate to prevent plant diseases and increase greenhouse crop yields.

Bauxite Technologies: Transforming red mud (bauxite) residue into concrete building blocks reduces waste and creates a circular link between aluminum and construction industries.

Ecofilter Tek: Uses smart polymer technology to enhance membrane and resin performance in water treatment across industries.

Energie Positive: Reconditions EV batteries for renewable energy applications.

Decarbonizing industries program 

TRAQC : Quality control technology for printed electronic circuits that reduces costs and waste.

NovoPower : Recovering and converting heat generated by data centers into electricity.

Exsia Technologies : Exsia Technologies enables energy savings by providing more efficient humidity control solutions.

Alfapur Technologies : Highly efficient filtration system for high emission industries.

WattByWatt : Solar panels based on perovskite, an alternative to silicon.


Ecosystem actors having discussion during networking event.

A Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

Cycle Momentum’s Green Light event reinforces our unwavering commitment to fostering an ecosystem that empowers innovators and provides them with the resources to thrive. With over 124 alumni and more than $750 million in capital raised, our impact continues to ripple through the climate tech landscape, driving collaboration and sustainable growth.

As we celebrate the achievements of our 2023-2024 cohorts, we remain steadfast in our mission to nurture the next generation of climate tech pioneers. For more information on how Cycle Momentum drives positive impacts and provides services dedicated to clean tech start-ups, visit our Start-up Services Page.

We extend our gratitude to our financial partners, including Environnement Québec, Cycle Capital, PwC, Fasken, Power Sustainable, Investissement Québec, Alice Capital, and Exportation et développement Canada (EDC), for their support.