The global transformation has accelerated exponentially in recent years, necessitating swift and clear action from all public and private institutions to play a role in this transition. Suzano is increasingly distinguished as an actor committed to building a positive world for people and the planet. The company has decided to place innovation at the heart of its sustainable approach.

About Suzano

Suzano is the world’s leading producer of hardwood pulp and a global leader in innovation and production of renewable materials of biological origin for consumers and industries. They cultivate, harvest, and transform eucalyptus wood into pulp and fibers used in the manufacturing of everyday products. With over 100 years of experience, Suzano is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SUZ) in the United States and on the B3 Stock Exchange in Brazil (SUZB3).

About the program

Through the International 2023 Bio-solutions Startups Acceleration Program, Suzano Venture and Cycle Momentum aim to contribute to the development of the bioeconomy alongside the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They believe that there is still much to be done in terms of developing new products, materials, and applications related to bioforestry. Their goal is to assist researchers and early-stage startups in transforming their projects into successful businesses. They aspire to make significant changes to our planet and seek to collaborate with bold entrepreneurs in the deeptech field.

The five selected companies

Tremendous social pressure and regulations at the country and regional levels to limit single use plastics are fueling huge market tailwinds for bio-based plastics. Business and consumers alike are feeling these pressures, but are still searching for a cost competitive alternative to single-use plastics that can safely packaging their goods. 

Bioform has developed a low-carbon footprint platform technology that enables the production of high performance, 100% bio-based plastic alternatives, without the extra green cost.

Cellulotech is a research and development company with a strong patent portfolio, revolutionizing industries with chromatogeny, a green chemistry process discovered by their Chief Scientist. It enables effective barriers against water, oil, grease, vapor, and oxygen for cellulose-based materials, while maintaining recyclability and biodegradability. Exciting possibilities emerge for packaging, healthcare, fashion, and construction.

Chitozan Health is striving to address two of mankind’s most pressing problems, plastic pollution and antimicrobial resistance. By inventing and commercializing new compostable materials using nature’s most abundant polymers cellulose and chitin/chitosan we can reduce microplastic pollution by replacing the use of green-house gas producing synthetic coatings which cause over 35% of the world’s plastic pollution. By incorporating our patented silver chitosan chemistry we can improve the safety and degradation of packaging solutions and other products by inhibiting the growth of fungus and bacteria on surfaces with planet friendly abundant raw components.

Folia Materials is dedicated to creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier world. With thier patent-pending silver coating for paper, they enhance products with anti-viral, anti-microbial, and other advanced functionalities, all at a minimal cost. Their innovative process allows for mass production of advanced paper using readily available materials and standard machinery, eliminating the need for significant capital expenditures. 

Nfinite Nanotech is a pioneering advanced material company specializing in the production of intelligent nanocoatings for sustainable packaging solutions. With a mission to expedite the global objective of eradicating plastic waste, Nfinite is at the forefront of innovation. Their cutting-edge barrier coatings have the ability to enhance the durability of biodegradable packaging and enhance the recyclability of existing packaging, thereby prolonging product shelf life and significantly reducing plastic waste.

Silvis Materials is creating sustainable, 100% bio-based materials, to replace petroleum used to manufacture coatings and glues, allowing industrial partners to upend the plastic industry and reduce our carbon footprint. Silvis’ proprietary cellulosic emulsions will enable sustainable solutions in packaging, building materials, and automotive industries for the $32B polymer emulsion industry.