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Acceleration programs

All of our programs are customized to your company’s stage of development and your specific needs. The Cycle Momentum team is mobilized to help you develop your business model, marketing and financing strategy.

Benefits for your start-up


Meet investors at our green light events and gain access to an established network of customers and partners beyond the coaching period.


Individual and group workshops to help you develop your skills in key areas of entrepreneurship.


Coaching by a experienced entrepreneur who has walked in your shoes, asked the same questions and faced the same challenges.

Program Content

Cycle Momentum propels your business strategies through customized acceleration and innovation programs.

You will do rigorous work on your business model, marketing strategy, and financing.

  • Value Proposition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales
  • Funding
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Your Company Presentation
  • Governance
  • Négotiation
  • Free membership to the Écotech Québec cleantech industry cluster
  • Access to strategic business intelligence on pre-determined topics
  • Quantification report on potentially avoided GHGs
  • Reduced fees for intellectual property analysis
  • Access to dedicated funding programs

Our impact

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Jobs Created and Maintained
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Raised by 20 Scaleups
Survival Rate
As an entrepreneur, I have had the good fortune and pleasure of following the Cycle Momentum journey, with its committed team and experienced advisors. This experience has given us a great boost, and it is a pleasure to share my experiences with the new cohort.
Philippe Babin, Aeponyx
Niosense saw in Cycle Momentum the opportunity to receive specific support for clean technologies and the challenges associated with raising capital for such projects. With this support, we sought to appropriately position ourselves to reach investors with values and objectives in line with our GHG emission reduction technology.
Patrick Lauzière, Niosense
Cycle Momentum was instrumental in securing our first major round of venture capital financing. The resources and relationships they provided helped us close deals with clients and investors.
Amanda Truscott, Rithmik solutions
Cycle Momentum played an important role in our early startup as we evolved in their dynamic gas accelerator. This opportunity allowed us to grow and make our dream of green wireless connectivity a reality.
Frederic Nabki, SPARK Microsystems
We joined Cycle Momentum amid a major pivot. The accelerator helped us completely restructure the company and prepare solid presentations for our investors and customers. These presentations allowed us to complete our first transactions and raise a significant investment round.
Ramee Mossa, FTEX
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What we are looking for

The best entrepreneurs with innovative technology solutions that genuinely address the ecological challenges facing humanity.

We support startups in various sectors and sometimes develop cohorts dedicated to specific industries to establish tailored mentorship. This year, our cohort specialized in sustainable agriculture.

You are working on your project full time and are willing to be 100% involved in the program (you or one of the senior leaders).

Your solution must have a significant and measurable impact on the environment and reduce your customers’ carbon footprint.

Your business model is economically viable, and your company has the potential for an attractive return on investment. Your potential market is of significant and attainable size.

Your product, process, or service is a software package or high-tech equipment that answers a real problem or offers a solution. It is innovative, its value is measurable, and you own unique and defensible intellectual property rights.

You must share a prototype or evidence of initial commercial traction.

Depending on the program, there may be restrictions on where projects can come from. Contact us to validate. Our programs are offered in French and English.