Open Innovation Challenge: Greenhouses

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Cycle Momentum and Hydro-Québec are launching a new Open Innovation Program to optimize environmental and energy management through the development and integration of new technologies. The goal is to support the greenhouse sector and accelerate Quebec’s transition to food self-sufficiency.



In the past year, the pandemic has highlighted Quebec’s dependence on imports of essential goods. Food self-sufficiency has therefore become a priority issue for the Quebec population, and that is why Hydro-Québec has decided to act as a catalyzer to help the most promising projects come to fruition. InnovHQ is Hydro-Québec’s subsidiary mandated to stimulate innovation in Quebec, with the aim of accelerating the energy transition. InnoHQ will therefore work with Cycle Momentum as part of this challenge to help companies in the greenhouse sector develop commercial offers that incorporate the proposed innovations.

In parallel with the “Open Innovation Challenge: Greenhouses,” Écotech Québec is offering a unique networking event in Quebec whose goal is to generate business opportunities between agri-food companies and clean technology innovators. Visit:

The Challenge

Promote the development and integration of technologies that optimize environmental and energy management in the greenhouse sector and accelerate Quebec’s transition to food self-sufficiency.

Hydro-Québec’s Goals

  • Play a leadership role in the development of new market segments for clean tech in Quebec.
  • Accelerate innovation in growth sectors, particularly by promoting increased collaboration between businesses.
  • Generate new sources of revenue and value creation that are socially responsible.
  • Ensure optimal integration of new technologies into the electrical grid.

Expected Solutions

Hydro-Québec is looking for innovative start-ups and SMEs that develop technologies applicable to greenhouse agriculture:

  • Heating, air conditioning, and heat recovery
  • Systems, controls, and environmental optimization, among others:
    • moisture and irrigation
    • ventilation
    • lighting
    • temperature
    • CO2
  • Electricity demand modulation (e.g. optimal interruption management)
  • Advanced, autonomous, predictive controls
  • Data analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Production homogeneity
  • Intelligent or advanced thermal envelope


Enerprox accelerates the deployment of solar energy through the implementation of high performance solutions.

Muclitech offers complete, energy-efficient and accurate climate management solution on the market, with the goal of maximizing local production and food autonomy for different communities.

Orisha offers intelligent climate management technology based on a target range rather than a threshold for each device.


Sollum has developed the only intelligent lighting technology that allows a fruit or vegetable to be grown in a greenhouse anywhere in the world, regardless of its region of origin.


Sigrow provides affordable greenhouse sensor technology and stomata cameras that can accurately provide the grower with leaf and surrounding air temperature and stomatal conductance